Synergy Ship builder Barge


Building Berth

Name Length (m) Width (m) Crane (Ton x No.)
Berth I 120 mtrs 20 mtrs 85T x 1 No
Berth II 80 mtrs 16 mtrs 25T x 1 No
Berth III 40 mtrs 10 mtrs 14T x 2 No
Berth IV 40 mtrs 10 mtrs -
Cargo Vessels


Synergy Shipbuilders has the best expertise in fabrication. Quality Control and detail in execution of work is our forte.


We have a state of the art fabrication engineering Unit and the staff has over 20 years of working experience.
Synergy Ship builder, Barge
Synergy Shipbuilder Ship


A Naval Architect works exclusively for Synergy Shipbuilders. At any specified time at least 6 engineers are working at our yard.

Classification Society

We are constructing vessels as per IRS, ABS, BV etc. Rules.
Synergy Shipbuilder, Boate


At Synergy Shipbuilders We are Building vessels using Modern Technology, i.e
  • Using of Submerged Arc welding machine.
  • Using of MIG welding machines
  • Using of TIG welding machines.
  • The most modernized Hydraulic jacks each of 250 tons with a pushing capacity of 12" Outreach. Each workman can operate 6 jacks at a time.
  • Class approved Quality Assurance Plan.
  • Fabrication of Blocks.
  • Use of Airless spray machine for painting.
  • Use of Pipe bending machine for pipe bending.
  • Use of Modernized Gazettes for Inspection of Welding, Blasting, Painting & other ship building activities.
  • We have one 85T hydraulic crane and another 25T crane.